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E Mails Send


Grow your business and support base by sending Customized and target based E mail. Old ‘Spray and Pray' Method is no longer relevant, It is time to understand your community and send most relevant and personalized message to them. Detailed Report and future modification is an added bonus. Spread your mission and grow your subscriber base


  • Provision for sending customized and appealing HTML E-mails
  • Extensive and Tagged database
  • Dashboard to monitor each campaign analytics i.e. Email read percentage, URL Clicks, Number of mails sent,
  • Detailed report for each campaign and tips for the next
  • In built subscriber link inside each mail to grow user base
  • Targeted approach to maximize the impact


  • Spread your message in a customized and targeted way
  • Engage subscriber, customer or stakeholder through e mailer
  • Build your user data and manage it effectively
  • Send most relevant message to individual instead
  • Easy to create and easy to track

About Us

Simpltive is a web design and development company with a focus on edcational institute and NGOs

We believe simple solutions solves the problem complex solutions create business.


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